Homosexuality for Kids

Hello, my little friend!

A long time ago, before you were even born, all the boys were meanies and bullies. “This is exactly how little grubbers should behave!” their mommies and daddies told them. “Boys should like girls” – they said. Then, one really smart boy asked them: “But what if I don’t want to play with silly girls?” His parents frowned and replied: “Then you will be punished!”. And they told the little boy that somewhere behind the clouds lives a good old man, who loves good little boys, and the boys that misbehave are sent under the earth ground, to be grilled on fire, like sausages.

Once the little boy heard this, he got really scared. He didn’t want to be a grilled sausage and because of this he stopped washing himself, and when he met other boys, he always hit them on the head first – to be sure. But he still could not succeed with girls – no matter how hard he tried, they still seemed very dorky to him. And so, once, he got an idea: “What if I fly to the good old man and ask him to teach me to love those nasty girls?” Problem solved!

Next day the smart boy skipped his school, sat on an airplane and flew to the clouds. He flew and he flew, until he met a flock of birds. “Hey, do you know where the good old man lives?” he asked them. The birds started laughing so hard, they almost fell to the ground. “Oh, silly you! There are no old men here. Only us!”

And this is how the little boy found out, that not everything that mommy and daddy say was true. And if there is no old man, then it means that nobody will send you under the earth ground! “So it means I will not become a grilled sausage and can love whoever I want!” – he exclaimed. “Hooray! Wheeeeee!!!” And he started to prance around. So know this, my young friend: not all boys are meanies and bullies. They can be really cool! They don’t need to hang out with goofy girls. Boys can be friends with other boys. Try it, it’s fun!